Youth Exchange Services


BG – teacher in charge of 33 students from Neumarkt am Wallersee, Austria who undertook unpaid work experience in Shropshire and Powys in March 2018

We have just arrived back safely. On our way back I was talking to many of my students and they were all deeply impressed by what they had experienced in the past two weeks. Thank you so much for what you and Peter have done for all of us. I firmly believe that your programme is the best exchange programme students can take part in.

Astrid de la V, mother of Mahe, aged 16, from Brest, Brittany, France, who undertook two weeks unpaid work experience in Powys, Mid Wales

We were very happy to hear that Mahe’s stay went well and that everyone’s expectations ere met.  He returned home delighted with his experience and keeps a very good memory of all his meetings.  We thank you for organizing this stay.  See you maybe in some months for another child’s stay.  Best wishes.

From Abad Munoz family from Barcelona, Spain – parents of Ana who has spent time in Shropshire in 2016 and 2017 attending state secondary school.

Once again our daughter is telling us that she wants to return with your organisation to enjoy the wonderful time she had this year. As parents we want that our daughter Ana enjoys the summer with the lovely L…. family and also improving her English. Ana felt at home with the amazing school you chose. Also your organisation knows how to reassure parents that everything is safe with their children. Your weekly meetings with our daughter to check that everything was OK were marvellous. It is a true fact that her English has improved faster since going with your organisation. that is why I am writing to you to save a place for her as soon as possible for next summer. We want to be on time and, therefore, send you official reservation.

Astrid de la V, mother of Mahe, aged 16, from Brest, Brittany, France, who undertook two weeks unpaid work experience in Powys, Mid Wales

We were very happy to hear that Mahe’s stay went well and that everyone’s expectations ere met.  He returned home delighted with his experience and keeps a very good memory of all his meetings.  We thank you for organizing this stay.  See you maybe in some months for another child’s stay.  Best wishes.

Jose Ramon and Paola – parents of Jaime aged 18 from Utebo, Zaragoza, Spain, who spent 3 weeks undertaking unpaid work experience whilst hosted on a farm in north Shropshire.

Dear all

we just want to give you many thanks for your organization

Everything has been perfect during our son´s experience: the host family , the workplaces, … 

Our son Jaime has come back really happy and as he said: “it has been an experience that everybody should has at least once in his life”

We are very happy and, in fact, we have given your contact to other families here in Spain for next year. And of course , we´ll contact again when our other children will be older (in 2-3 years)

So, again, many thanks and congratulations for your initiative

Card left by Eulalia T from Barcelona, Spain who spent four weeks in Shropshire working in retail.  Age 17

From Betty R, student from Estonia who came to Shropshire when she was 16 and undertook unpaid work experience

‘I am not sure if you will remember but I did my work experience at ….. C of E Primary School a few years back.  I have been talking to P.A. recently, about my experience in the UK and I wanted to thank you again for the lovely time you have provided for me.  I have recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University – Business Management B.A. with Honours so thank you for being part of my journey.’

Family Abad Munoz – Barcelona — parents of Ana, aged 14, who returned to Shropshire for second year to attend state comprehensive school in Oswestry whilst living with local host family.

‘Ana is going to remember the wonderful stay at L…….s house and the warm welcome and hospitality you offered during the month she was in Oswestry.  Ana has had such a marvellous time and, although she was far from home, the L family took her like her daughter and Ana feel like home.  It is true that Ana only stayed for one month, however, she was impressed greatly about the people, the language and the culture from UK.  Thank you again to let Ana return one year more. 

‘In addition, your hard work to find the best family for our daughter, to solve our daughter’s problems and your impeccable work, will encourage us to send her again next summer and also to recommend your organisation to our friends.’

Yasmina D from La Rochelle, France – mother of Achille aged 16 who spent 2 weeks on work experience.

‘Achille was really very happy to work with Carole and her husband.  It was a great experience for him on human relationship basis as well as work experience.  The family was also very nice too.’

David L, father of Philippine aged 16 from central Paris who spent 2 weeks on work experience.

‘This mail to tell you that Philippine is well back.  We wanted to tell you how much she is delighted with her stay and even plans to come back.  Would it be possible to register for a future assignment?’

Fathers of 2 French boys from Rouen, France who spent weekend in Shropshire whilst their sons were here undertaking work experienc in July 2017.  Both boys aged 17.

”It was a great weekend for us and the training periods were appreciated by them.  Your organisation, the families we met and job contacts – they were great strenthening our idea to have exchange between our countries.  We will talk to our friends who are interested by this experience.’

Claire P from Oswestry, Shropshire, who hosted 17 year old Spanish boy from Malaga for 2 weeks.  Carlos took part in Y.E.S. work experience programme working in a retail shop.

‘It has been lovely having Carlos with us, good for Marcus too as they have had many funny conversations in Spanish/English.  Many thanks to you both for making this visit possible, a fantastic learning opportunity for all the boys.  A huge huge THANK YOU.  Until next time….Adios!’

Yann G from Rouen, Normandy, France – father of twins, Martin and Louise, aged 15 who attended different British state schools taking classes alongside Shropshire teenagers.  Martin for 2 weeks and Louise for 3 weeks

‘I wanted to thank you for the excellent organisation of Martin and Louise stay.  Their families were very welcoming and both enjoyed a lot the experience.  We will try to keep the momemtum and encourage them to continue to pracise Englih even mont themselves.  Best regards.’

Isabelle and Thiery M from Versailles, France – mother of Louis, aged 16, who spent 2 weeks in Shropshire in.  His older brothers had already taken part in the same programme some years ago.

‘Louis enjoyed his work experience and was so lucky to be hosted by the S…  They were very friendly with him and host mother was really kind with Louis sharing with him the British way of life as much as possible.  We hope that the other French teenagers will have stays as successful as Louis.  Best regards.’

AR – Madrid, Spain

My name is AR and I’m Guillermo R’s father.  He was enrolled in Y.E.S. programme in Telford staying with hosts in 2013.  The result of this experience was really satisfactory and he passed his CAE exam with the British Council.  Nowadays he is studying at the Rey Juan Carlos university but wants to return to Shropshire in 2017 to improve again his level of English.

Anne P, mother of Sebastien aged 16 from Normandy, France who undertook unpaid work experience in Shropshire

Thank you so much for the certificate you sent for Sebastien.  It’s a pleasure for a mum to receive such papers! and above all I would like to thank you for the nice stay Sebastien had.  He was happy about his work placement and he enjoyed a lot Anne and Howard’s company.  So great thank you.  We are aware Sebastien applied very late last spring and that is why we are especially thankful for what you have organised for him.  With best regards

Frederique and Bruno G, parents of Quentin and Oscar aged 16 and 17 from Normandy, France, who undertook work experience in Shropshire in

Quentin and Oscar enjoyed their stay in Shrewsbury.  I think they improved their English language.  They were very happy in their families and in their work placements. Thank you for everything.  Best regards.

Leandro B, father of Maria aged 16, from Barcelona, Spain who spent 2 weeks on work experience

Maria arrived home nice, healthy and happy. Thank you very much – all worked out right and very professional.

Abril G aged 18, from Barcelona, Spain who spent 2 weeks on work experience

I really have enjoyed my stay in Shrewsbury. I loved my work placement, they were all charming with me and I think I have improved my English a lot. I wish I could have stayed more weeks. The family was amazing.  I will never forget this experience and hope to come again next year.

Sophie and Julien M, parents of Alexis and Marianne from Escamps, France. Alexis undertook unpaid work experience in 2014 and Marianne in

Our two children, Alexis and Marianne, have come to the UK with Y.E.S. and we wanted to thank you for the very good experience they had thanks to you and the host family. They have both improved their English a lot and have met very nice and welcoming people at their work places as well as in the family and activities.  Moreover, the country and area is very beautiful and they have really appreciated it.The way things are organised for our teenagers is very good to make them more responsible and resourceful. Unfortunately, we have no more children who will be able to travel with Y.E.S. as Marianne is the youngest but it will remain a very good memory for them. We wish you a successful continuation in your activities and thank you again.

Albane D, aged 19 from Croix, northern France, who spent 3 weeks in Shropshire on work experience in

I arrived Saturday back in Paris after a nice trip.  I really enjoyed these 3 weeks and everyone I met was so kind. They have welcomed me with pleasure and generosity.  My hots were very nice and we passed lots of great moments together.  And at work I really appreciated the staff. The team was friendly and warm. I learned a lot and I will try to stay in touch with all of them. Kind regards.

Quitterie H – 16 year old girl from Saint-Maur-des-Fosse, France who undertook 2 weeks work experience in

I want to thank you for my time in Shrewsbury. My host family was very kind with me and I got along well with the two daughters. I hope to see them another time.

The family made me discover the British way of life, British meals such as apple pie, custard, fish and chips – playing darts in the pub. I could also visit Shrewsbury.

In my work placement the people and the volunteers made me a warm welcome. They helped me to begin in the shop, they explained me how to operate the back of house and they gave me some various work.  I could also meet different customers and speak with them.

During my time in UK I learnt many things. First of all, I understand easier the English language and I understand now when people speak at the normal fast pace. I learnt also some vocabulary and I speak more fluently.

I hope to be able to come another time in UK.

Thank you for having given me the opportunity to spend these two weeks in Shrewsbury and for your perfect organisation.

N and E P. Parents of Bruno, French boy aged 16 who undertook work experience in Shropshire.

Our son, Bruno, is now back in France and we would like to thank you for this nice experience.  Bruno appreciated his stay at host’s home and the work experience was interesting.  He discovered the work environment with its limits and constraints and this helps him to grow up!

A B, mother of Deodat aged 14 who spent time on HOMESTAY with two different hosts in

I am really grateful for the stay that you organised for my son.  Deodat had a great time in your country and came back pleased with the welcome he had from both families.  His first host showed real patience with him and did everything in her power to make him comfortable and learn him the basics which he misses.  Thanks to her and little Henry, with whom he played a lot, he became familiar with English and was able to overcome his apprehension.  He had fun with his second host family and made great progress.  He came back delighted from his experience.  He hopes he will get back soon because he really enjoyed learning English with them and really wishes to go further.

P A – Shropshire resident. Bernadetta was a Spanish student on work experience here in

I know you are flat out busy (as ever) and this is just a brief cheery greeting.  On Sunday we paddled down the Severn with Severn Canoes (idyllic) and Bernadetta was with us.  It was lovely to meet her but especially to know that you are still carrying on with your superb work – well done!  You were such a help to Betty from Estonia five years ago, sorting out her work experience in Shropshire and accommodation.  She has just completed her first year at Liverpool University and is going from strength to strength.  With good wishes to you and Y.E.S.

Eric J – father of French boy Adrien aged 15 who spent 3 weeks in Shropshire attending a local secondary school.

We would really like to thank you for your organisation.  Adrien spent 3 very good weeks in England.  It was a real pleasure for him to discover your country and practise English language.  A strong experience for Adrien.  And for us, very reassuring because of your professionalism.  Thanks a lot.  We keep in touch.

Sonia and Gerado M from Milan, Italy. Daughter, Gaia aged 17 undertook work experience in Shropshire.

We are very pleased that Gaia proved her interest and passion in her job.  When she came back home she told us how beautiful her hosts were with her and how lovely people she met during her work at the nursery school.  We thank you so much for allowing Gaia to live this wonderful and unforgettable experience.  (Sorry for our imperfect English).

G and D Le G – parents of Hugues aged 16 who undertook work experience in.

We really want to thank you for the very interesting 3 weeks Hugues spent in Oswestry.  He really enjoyed his host family (they are great!).  They really took good care of him, making him discover their farm, the hikes and fetes in old castles.  The children considered him as a big brother and the parents were very nice.  He absolutely loved his job and the ladies there… you are right, it’s an amazing team.  His English really improved.  All we can say if THANK YOU very very much.

Simonetta C B – from Udine, Italy -mother of Francesca aged 17 who undertook work experience in.

Hi – I am Francesca B’s mother. We have received the certificate with excellent references for Francesca written both by her hosts and employer. I would like to thank all of you but especially Christine and Peter for what you did for Francesca and me. Our best regards.

Astrid T – mother of Noemie aged 16 from France who spent one month on work experience in Shropshire during

We are so happy that Noemie spent such a good time with the family L and during her work experience.  It as also good to personally meet you on the first day – it made us feel confident for the following weeks as we knew our daughter was not alone in case of problem.  We will warmly recommend your service to everybody who wants to progress in spoken English.  For Noemie it was the best way to ‘unlock’ her.  Thank you so much for your help and involvement.

Cedric C – father of Pauline and Hugues from France who both spent time in Shropshire in undertaking work experience.

By this message I want to hank you for Pauline and Hugues for their 2 weeks period in Shrewsbury. They both improved their English language. Pauline was very happy by these 2 weeks in the host family D – she also appreciated the work experience in the tea room with an interesting job serving the customers and speaking a lot with them and a good ambiance. Hugues really enjoyed his host family S who took care of him with many appreciated activities.  Thank you again for YES organisation. And note that we already intend to send our children to Shropshire next summer.

Rosa and Peter – parents of Maria from Spain who undertook work experience in

We write to inform you that he time Maria spent in Shrewsbury has been unbeatable.  We couldn’t give you better references for her host family s well as all the team at her work placement.  Maria was welcomed by host family as she would be by her own family.  She was integrated and felt loved from first minute.  They took care of her as a real daughter and Maria came back with feeling she has another real family.  She had experience of other foreign families and we, therefore, know that she has criterion enough to vluer them – she scored them without any doubt 10/10.  In relation to the team at the cafe – Maria just loved them all.  The work experience has been fantastic in all the ways but especially because the coworkers have been a core of friends and Maria talks about them as real friend, especially Cheryl.  We are very pleased with all the organisation.